You see it all over on homes and businesses under construction: that familiar white wrap with the blue lettered “Tyvek®” and the red lettered “DuPont™” words covering it. So you wonder, What is Tyvek wrap ? If you see it everywhere, it must be worth looking into.

What Is Tyvek Wrap ?

What is Tyvek wrap ? More commonly called house wrap, DuPont’s Tyvek is an exterior protector that will help keep your home or business secure against the elements, in any weather.

Tyvek is specially manufactured so that it has the right perm rating to help your home with weather conditions, particularly with water. What is a perm rating? Permeability is the measurement of how much something can get through something else. Notice how quickly that fluffy cotton towel soaks up water? Highly permeable. Plastic, on the other hand, doesn’t let water through at all. Impermeable.

For your home, you want something on the outside of your walls that will let vapor out—from showers and cooking, for example—but won’t let rain and humidity in. If your walls get wet and stay wet, you get mold. If the interior moisture can exit your home and the weather moisture can’t enter, you have a breathable home that stands the test of time.

Additionally, you need a barrier has a high level of air resistance because wind can drive water through barriers that normally don’t let water through. Tyvek can withstand wind up to 70 miles per hour without letting it drive water through the barrier.

If your home were covered in plastic wrap, water and wind from weather wouldn’t be able to get in, but the water vapor from showering and cooking wouldn’t be able to get out, and you would get mold. What is Tyvek wrap ? It is a building wrap that lets moisture vapor out, but not in. It is a protector for your home, and we can make sure it is installed the way DuPont designed it to be. Call us for an estimate.

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