Magleby Construction has used Wallentine Siding & Exteriors and Wallentine Siding & Exteriors on numerous projects since Wallentine Siding & Exteriors’s inception. Our firm has been thrilled with Wallentine Siding & Exteriors’s attention to detail through all phases of the project.

They are extremely responsive on budget proposals, they show up on the job site ready to work when they say they are going to be there, and on the rare occasion when circumstances require that they come back to make a repair, they are prompt and professional. I do not hesitate to very highly recommend Wallentine Siding & Exteriors for siding, soffit and fascia, gutters, and downspouts. They are a terrific trade partner.

Bryan Bird

Senior Project Manager, Magleby Companies

I have been specifying Tyvek HouseWrap on projects since 1994. As an architect, this is a required product on each of our projects. There is no substitute for Tyvek and its performance ability to protect any structure. Wallentine Siding & Exteriors HouseWrappers is the leader of Tyvek installation in Utah.

They understand the fundamentals of water plane and water shed on each of their projects. Wallentine Siding & Exteriors will provide proper flashing for every possible need. With Wallentine Siding & Exteriors you gain the added benefit of having a single company that can provide a variety of services: Tyvek instillation, siding, gutters, window installation, fascia, and soffit. I would recommend Wallentine Siding & Exteriors services to all contractors. Additionally, I am much more confident with any contractor that is using Wallentine Siding & Exteriors on their project.

Alan Shurtliff

AIA, Pontis Architectural Group

My name is Matt Nelson and I work for Robert Nelson Construction out of Salem, Utah. Jeff Wallentine is a person that goes the extra mile on researching and finding the best possible way to install the products he sells. He makes sure it is installed to the best of quality and that his employees are friendly to work with. His scheduling has been one of the best.

Wallentine Siding & Exteriors Inc. has always showed up when they have been scheduled and have completed their jobs ahead of their deadlines. They are a company that we have used from the day they started business, and we plan on using them for as long as we are building homes. We have used them for all our Tyvek house wrapping, siding, soffit, fascia, gutters, hardi-boards, and trash removal.

Matt Nelson

Robert Nelson Construction

Thank you for the fantastic service and awesome Quality of work. I will recommend your company to any of my clients who inquires about siding and exterior work.
Cindy Hyatt

Realtypath LLC

Jeff Wallentine turned out to be the kind of contractor we’d all like to find, but that most of us think became extinct quit a while ago.

The guy is good at what he does. Good to the bone! (I’m not being paid to write this, by the way. Nor is Jeff my cousin, or long-time friend. I just got to know him a few months ago.)

I found Jeff when I needed some commercial rain gutter help. I was impressed with how he handled that job. So when it came time to replace the siding on our 50-year-old Orem home, it was logical to call him.

His price wasn’t cheap (yes, I got other bids). But it was competitive, and his work was excellent.

I very much liked the workmanship of Jeff’s crew. They took the time to get it right. Fussy. Done right.

Another thing I like is Jeff’s personal commitment to finding the correct solution for a particular job. He has a lot of photos of other work he’s done, and offers plenty of helpful suggestions.

When he says his crew will be on the job on a particular date, they show up that day. What a concept!

We are very pleased with the final product (love the Hardie cement siding!). Jeff personally visited our job many times, and wouldn’t give me an invoice until he and I had walked every final detail of the job, and he sensed that I was satisfied.

On top of all that, I’ve always had the sense that Jeff’s integrity is fully functional.

This guy’s a keeper.

Greg Soter

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