If you haven’t already winterized your home—and even if you have—now might be the time to think about rain gutters in Provo. Rain gutters are more than just the annoying thing you need to clean out every fall. Rain gutters are a crucial part of your home’s protection against the elements and against weather damage.


Other than cleaning leaves and sticks out of your rain gutters in Provo, what do you need to do with them to winterize your home? Rain gutters channel the rain as well as ice and snow melt away from your walls where so you don’t get rotting under layers of wood or sheetrock. The attached downspout also aims the runoff into areas of your lawn that won’t cause backflow into your basement.

Keeping them clear is a crucial part of home maintenance, which is why you should clean them out annually, or even as often as every six months.  If you don’t enjoy cleaning out rain gutters (and who does?), you can minimize your efforts by installing gutter protection known as gutter goalie—a covering to keep most debris out of your gutters.

The next part of maintenance is to check your gutters to see if they are sagging or disconnected somewhere. When gutters are installed properly, they have a slight angle that encourages runoff to go to the downspouts. Damaged rain gutter might start sagging and eventually break.

Also check your downspouts to ensure they are not blocked and that the runoff is going where you want it to go.

Do this sort of winter maintenance, and you won’t have problems through those cold months.

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