Tyvek Wrap

At some point everyone has probably seen a house or building under construction covered in a white material that says “Tyvek” all over it. How often do you find yourself wondering “what is Tyvek? What is Tyvek wrap used for?”

IMG_0039Tyvek home wrap is often used for homes or buildings that are under construction. Its main purpose is to protect these new structures from the elements until they are covered by some form of siding. As important as Tyvek house wrap is, it is often over looked by many contractors and builders and can lead to damage during the construction process that can cause structural issues down the road.

The purpose of Tyvek house wrap it to prevent infiltration of air and water in a home while still allowing vapor to escape; this is most important because it prevents moister and mold build up’s within a buildings walls. Adding Tyvek home wrap has been proven to control air flow and water intrusion, this helps your homes insulation work as efficiently as possible. Often times this results in lowering or reducing home energy bills.

At Wallentine Siding and Exteriors we are the first Utah company to complete Dupont’s Certified Installer Program. We have years of experience and expertise when it comes to applying Tyvek to your home.

Use A Tyvek Wrap On Your Home

Do you want to see what Tyvek could do for your home? We are happy to come sit with you and explain the many benefits of this wonderful product. If you have any questions, please call us at 801-885-5999. Our Certified Installers are willing to take the time and answer any questions you have about a Tyvek wrap.

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