The weather in Utah is changeable. In the same day, you might get sunshine, rain, hail, and high winds. In the same year, you’ll get below-freezing temperatures and summers above 102˚. To handle all those changes, you need protection for your home, and nothing works better than Tyvek building wrap in Provo.

Tyvek Building Wrap In Provo

Where will you find Tyvek wrap in Provo? Wallentine Siding is the best place. We have not just the wrap itself, but certified installers who make sure your home is done right, from making sure we work with the flashing around your windows to keep the rain out, to fitting it around pipes and other penetrations so you have the right kind of air movement.

The average family produces 2 gallons of water every day. That water content comes mostly from showers and laundry and cooking, and it needs to leave or you can get mold inside your home. Tyvek building wrap allows interior moisture to escape, but prevents external moisture from entering. It is a great protection from the elements, and it goes right under your siding, stucco or brick.

And for Tyvek building wrap in Provo, you won’t find better suppliers and installers than Wallentine Siding. DuPont—the makers of Tyvek—have certification programs to make sure the product works as designed. If you don’t know how to fit Tyvek around windows and penetrations, you can still get leakage. If you don’t know the right kind of fasteners to use, you might have the product tear loose during high winds before you get the siding on.

You need someone who knows how to fit, tape, fasten, overlap, and otherwise make sure your product works to keep your home and family safe from the elements and from mold. For Tyvek building wrap in Provo, for perfect installation and guaranteed results, look for Wallentine Siding.

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