When you design your home, you likely don’t think much about rain gutter design in Provo. You just assume that your contractor will do what needs to be done. Like everything else, however, rain gutters are only as good as the person installing them, and just like electrical outlets, rain gutters can be sufficient to pass code, but not what your particular home needs. We’ve all lived in or seen that home with no electrical outlet right where you need one to charge your phone or dry your hair, and having well-placed rain gutters is no different.

Rain Gutter Design in Provo

Rain gutter design in Provo isn’t hugely complicated, but you do need to plan it well if you want the gutters to function most efficiently. First, consider putting rain gutter all around your house, not just over the entry ways. Why? Because gutters channel the rain away from your home, which protects your foundation: if the rain and ice melt can’t build up around your foundation, they can’t leak through. Good rain gutter design places downspouts at corners and near posts, then runs the drainage away from your foundation.

Next, think about where your runoff will go. If you have rain gutters around the entire house, and if they are properly sloped, you will get a lot of water through your down spouts. If your builder doesn’t know your yard plans, you might end up with water running across your sidewalk or driveway, making for slippery footing in winter. You want your drainage to be in the grass or a garden several feet away from your home; the water will help your yard or garden and the distance will protect your foundation.

For good rain gutter design in Provo, talk to experts who know what to watch for, and make sure you communicate clearly with your builder.

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