Rain Gutters

gutters mainWith K style Rain Gutter, we use only hidden hangers spaced 2’ apart with neoprene washers. We use wood screws to prevent leaks as well as keeping the Rain Gutter from becoming loose and eventually falling down. Water works against spike and ferrules, and water has a tendency to follow the ferrules back into the wood fascia and expedite the exteriorization of the wood.

Another common problem for Rain Gutter is leaking end caps and miters. We use a feathering technique with the best silicone products available. Another common problem is downspouts pulling away from the gutter where they connect. For this reason, we connect all our downspouts with a 2×3 outlet for 5” getter and a 3×4 outlet for 6” gutter. This helps prevent downspouts from pulling off. We also use expansion nails, not screws, for fastening our downspouts to concrete, brick, or rock. This prevents the downspouts from ever pulling away for the wall.

We use only the best gutter sealants available to eliminate leaks in miters and end caps, two of the most important areas. We use only quality products such as Raytec Hangers for 5” & 6” Rain Guttters as well as Hidden Hanger Fasteners and roof straps. In addition, we use wedges for those angled fascia applications, outlets for downspouts. We do NOT use spike and ferrules.

We are one of the few companies in Utah that offers 6” K style rain gutters. They are able to hold more water volume in high demand areas or large volume roofs. Six-inch rain gutters are used primarily in commercial construction and long distances where downspouts need to be eliminated.

We offer a wide variety of gutters:
5” & 6” K Style seamless Raingutter, in steel, Aluminum or copper.
2×3 and 3×4 downspout.
Custom make collector boxes
Half Round Rain Gutters and Round Downspouts.

Need New Rain Gutters

If you need new rain gutters, we are happy to come take a look and make a recommendation based on your home and style. You can count on great pricing, quality products, and excellent service. Give us a call.

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