When you are looking at building or remodeling a home, building code dictates a weather barrier, and Tyvek wrap in Lehi is the best. Not all house wraps—weather barriers—are created equal. How much moisture they let in or out, how durable they are, the kinds of weather conditions they can withstand—all these features vary from one brand to another, and DuPont’s Tyvek is the standout best for many reasons.

Tyvek Wrap in Lehi

Tyvek wrap in Lehi is made by DuPont, and the company has invested heavily in creating and testing the house wrap to make sure your home is getting the best protection it can. What is different about Tyvek house wrap? First, permeability. House wraps have a perm (permeability) rating, which means that water vapor can escape your home, but water can’t enter it. This permeability is important to let moisture from cooking and showering out of your home so mold doesn’t grow, but keeps rain from entering.

Another feature of Tyvek wrap in Lehi is that it also acts as a wind barrier. You want your home to be warm in winter and cool in summer, and insulation does a great job for you. But part of that weather protection is keeping some of the air from even encountering the insulation. If you can prevent wind from getting through your walls in the first place, the insulation can keep the internal temperature constant. Tyvek works wonders to keep wind out. It can resist wind and rain up to 70 miles per hour, which is more than most homes ever encounter.

As you are planning on building, remember that a lot of information provided by manufacturers is from lab testing, but lab tests and real-world use are not the same. One advantage Tyvek has is that DuPont understands the difference and has field-tested Tyvek in harsh conditions to make sure the guarantees are real-world guarantees. Trust Tyvek to protect your home.

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