If you are looking at your rain gutters and wondering if it is time to replace or upgrade, you may also have questions about the differences between residential and commercial rain gutters in Provo. Most of the differences are due to local building code requirements, so materials are not the biggest concern. What you need to know has to do with size of the roof and the drainage needs that go with that, as well as longevity—how long you need the rain gutters to last before you replace them.

Commercial Rain Gutters in Provo

Commercial rain gutters in Provo are not much different than residential rain gutters. Our local codes specify how big the rain gutters have to be, based on the size of the roof. Since most commercial buildings have long roof lines, they collect a lot more rain or snow drainage, and the gutters have to be big enough to handle the volume. Most homes have a five-inch gutter, but commercial buildings usually have a six-inch rain gutter, together with a bigger down spout to accommodate the great flow.

One additional consideration with commercial rain gutters in Provo is the location of the downspout. If your building abuts another building or access to a business, you might be required to put the downspout in a location that won’t cause ice or water buildup that could endanger or inconvenience your neighbors.

Finally, the materials you use are not really different between residential or commercial buildings in Provo. The most common material for rain gutters is aluminum because it is sturdy enough to not break with heavy drainage concerns, and it last a very long time. Vinyl can be used, but it is nowhere near as sturdy for carrying loads, so it gets replaced more often. Copper is a beautiful option, but it is a lot more expensive, so it gets chosen when looks are important.

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