It’s that holiday decorating time, and if you have vinyl home siding in Lehi, you may be wondering how to safely decorate your home without damaging your home’s exterior. Believe it or not, there’s a tool for that! Home improvement stores all carry gutter clips and vinyl siding clips so you can hang your lights, wreaths, and other decorations without damaging your home or marring the look you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Vinyl Home Siding In Lehi

Vinyl home siding in Lehi is a great look—elegant and clean. It lends itself well to decorating because of the simplicity of siding—you aren’t fighting with brickwork patterns and you can easily clean siding, which you can’t always with stucco.

Now that the holidays are here, though, you might be wondering how to best decorate that lovely home without damaging the siding or the rain gutters. The first rule is to have the right tools: gutter hooks can help with hanging lights and siding clips can get those wreaths up. But don’t forget a ladder—no balancing acts that will land you on social media as an example of what not to do!

Once you have your tools, remember: never put a hole in vinyl siding. Wood siding is different—if you drill a hole in it, you can fill it with wood putty and it is pretty impervious to water damage. You won’t find vinyl putty, though, so if you drill a hole in vinyl siding, you may end up with water leakage behind your walls that can cause mold problems down the road.

So, to keep your vinyl home siding in Lehi looking great, use those gutter clips about every six feet to hang your lights, and use vinyl siding clips for your other decorations. You can even use adhesive stick-on clips if you can’t find the siding clips. Have fun decorating!

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