As the colder months approach, you may be wondering how to cut your winter heating bills and whether attic insulation in Provo is a worthwhile tactic for keeping your home warm without breaking the bank. Every home these days has attic insulation, but not all have enough, and settling over time can make the insulation you have less effective than you think. Now is exactly the right time to have someone come evaluate your attic insulation.

Attic Insulation in Provo

When you drive through neighborhoods in the winter and see those dramatic long icicles, your first thought might be that the house doesn’t have enough attic insulation in Provo! And you’d likely be right. Icicles form when ice and snow melt on a roof and the runoff forms icicles on the rain gutter or drip edge of a home. If your attic is letting all the warmth from your home drift up to melt the ice and snow on your roof, that means that you are paying to heat the air above your home, which can get expensive.

Instead, you might consider getting someone to check your attic insulation in Provo to see if you have enough and if it is still in good condition. If you have had people working in your attic, adjusting wiring or anything, the insulation can get disturbed. Sometimes you will see one melted patch on a roof—a sure sign that the insulation is missing from that one spot.

Sometimes older insulation can settle, making it more compact and less effective at keeping the heat inside your home.

In either case, having the insulation checked might be the most cost-effective thing you do to prepare for the winter months. What is required by the building code and what is the best for your particular home are not always the same thing. Give us a call and find out today whether you are ready for winter.

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