You have a nice home, but over the years and with typical Utah weather, the exterior becomes dirty or damaged. Where do you turn for care and maintenance of home siding in Provo? Wallentine Siding is the place! We have experts in repairing siding problems as well as maintaining the look and integrity of your home’s exterior.

Home Siding In Provo

When hail or high winds damage your home’s exterior, we can help. Our installers have many years of experience, and they want your home to look as good as when it was new. If you have home siding in Provo, you know the problems extreme weather can cause: hail, heat, cold, high winds, falling tree branches. These are just some of the problems a home encounters in Utah over the course of a single year. With good installation, most of your home’s exterior will be untouched by nature’s moods. But occasionally something doesn’t weather the weather, and that’s where we come in.

Our installers have been working in the siding industry for years. With over 80 years of experience among them—and some with 40 years individually!—they are siding phenoms. They install siding on some of the most expensive homes in Utah, but we keep our prices affordable so anyone can get the great look and sound construction that homes need to stay solid in our climate.

Home siding in Provo is a changing industry. Siding can still look like most of us imagine when we hear the term, but it has changed and expanded over the years as well. With all the different types, you need someone who knows all the angles and can install and maintain anything the market has. Wallentine Siding is that company, and we are here to make sure your home is weather proof and sound, year around.

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