Wallenting Siding & Exteriors offers a wide variety of options to protect and style your house. Our installers excel in custom and difficult jobs, always ensuring that the work not only looks professional, but will also last for many years to come.

Siding Options:

Fiber Cement

We prefer Certainteed Fiber Cement, We do install Hardie Plank and Smart Siding. We specialize in fiber cement installation. There are several ways of install Fiber cement and try to show the different methods on our site. Most important, we follow the install specifications written by the manufactures. Our install crews are certified in each of the different product lines.

We use only hot dipped galvanized 8d nails, smooth, with round heads. Absolutely no staples are to be used on any of the Fiber Cement or Smart Siding panels. Flashing is most fundamental part of the installation method. Improper flashing can cause you siding to leak and ultimately fail.

We can install trim flush or use a fir out technique. We prefer the fir out technique-it makes the trim stand out on the wall, and there is less caulking involved and the less caulk you have to rely on the longer your home will last.

We prefer using composite trim versus fiber Cement trim. The mail reason for this is because it has a fifteen-year warranty and the composite is routable if necessary. It is also the only product you can cut at a 45-degree length ways without damage to the product.


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Lap:
There are many styles and colors available in vinyl siding so, it is best to look on line or get with your sales rep to go over styles and colors. One of the most important things to do with vinyl siding is to nail the product loosely so it has room to expand and contract. The reason most people identify vinyl as a cheap product is because of the poor installation methods. It is very easy to make vinyl siding look bad by using cheap products and poor installation methods. Using the right accessories and tools for the job are essential.

We have provided an installation guide to dial up the fundamentals of installation, however not everything we do is provided in this literature. Example: We prefer aluminum J-channel versus vinyl. It sits tighter and gives you a cleaner look.

We prefer using nothing less that .042 Thickness on vinyl siding.

Board and Batten:
Board and Batten is one of the most temperamental vinyl products on the market. It must be hand nailed to achieve its completer performance. One tight staple or crooked nail can cause several panels to look terrible.


Cedar Impressions

This product is very popular with our customers and with us as a company. Cedar Impressions is a polymer based product which has proven itself for over 30 years. It gives the most realistic look of shake, with out the maintenance issues of real cedar shake.

Use A Tyvek Wrap On Your Home

Do you want to see what new sidingĀ could do for your home? If you have any questions, please call us at 801-885-5999. Our Certified Installers are willing to take the time and answer any questions you have about siding.

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