When homeowners shop for rain gutters, they rarely know much about the product before calling a subcontractor. We want you to know the pros and cons of every product we sell, which is why we take the time to tell you about vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized rain gutters in Provo.

Galvanized Rain Gutters In Provo

Galvanized rain gutters in Provo are a popular option because steel is such a durable material. The advantages that galvanized steel provides are its strength and its resistance to weather extremes. Utah Valley experiences high temperatures in the summer—the heat here this month is in the triple digits—as well as several weeks in the winter with temperatures that never rise above freezing. Steel can withstand these temperatures fluctuations without cracking or warping, giving your rain gutters longer life than many other materials provide.

The disadvantages of galvanized rain gutters in Provo are the price—which is typically about twice what you would pay for aluminum gutters—and the rust factor. Galvanized steel rain gutters will eventually rust, although it will likely take 20-30 years for that to happen. You can avoid the rust problem by buying stainless steel rain gutters, but they are about twice the cost of galvanized steel rain gutters, making them not affordable for every home.

As you are looking at your rain gutter options, think about these three factors: durability, flexibility, and cost. For durability, steel (either galvanized or stainless steel) and copper are your most durable option. They have the strength to withstand both temperature extremes and heavy rain or snow fall. Flexibility refers to which are easiest to match to your home’s exterior color scheme—and aluminum and vinyl are probably the best for this. For cost, aluminum and vinyl are the least expensive, and copper the most.

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